• kris
    March 16th

    My good friend (one of my best actually) Jerome is hoping to leave for New York this summer. If he gets in to school out there he’ll be gone for the majority of the years to come. That being said I’d like to get out and shoot as much stuff with him as i possibly can before he leaves…he’s been a huge help to me thus far and i want to milk him for all i can. Haha. Really though he’ll be missed of he goes but in the meantime expect and influx of photos from him in the coming weeks.

    Also want to note that this shot was supposed to be accompanied by shots of Jake and Jeff that hang at Pedal Hard…i wanted to get some shots of them up. We got booted from the first spot, Jake had to leave early and Jeff’s bike was MIA haha. Next time! This is the ledge i posted up in a Dailymobile last week…