• kris
    March 5th

    This video contest from Knog is definitely something get behind. “No Ordinary Night” calls for filmers and adventurers who go bump in the night. A short one to two minute flick could land you $10,000 in prizes from a whole gang of sponsors. More details below and be sure to hit the official site for the whole scoop!




    We want to see your expertise, experiences and exploits at night.

    Entries must be:

    • 1 to 2 minutes long
    • Filmed at night, or in low light
    • Tagged “Knog” when loaded to YouTube, then submitted through theNoOrdinaryNight.com website
    • Clean(ish)*: whilst we may like to swear and get naked, we don’t think the whole internet wants to see you dropping the f-bomb in your birthday suit.
    • Videos showing epic action, unusual talents, great editing, great stories, GSOH, originality. Entertain us with your creativity.

    You can enter without using a Knog light, but with so many to choose from —QudosExpose, bike lights — I’m sure the judging panel will look upon it favourably upon it 😉