• Angel Perez
    April 27th

    Mission Crit | 36-1The energy from the crowd was unbelievable. By standers were shouting and cheering from all corners of the track.EZ1_6113So many strong women came out to Mission Crit and crushed it! Congrats to Jo Celso for taking the W.Mission Crit | 44-1The real battle was between Cesar Valenzuela and Colin Strickland Redhooks overall champion. As they tore apart the field, they created a swift breakaway group. Jaws were dropping when Cesar broke away from the group and maintained a 16 second lead and lapped the peloton, solidifying his first place podium at Mission Crit.

    EZ1_6735Mission Crit is a short, technical fixed gear race held annually near the heart of the Mission District in San Francisco CA, organized by James Grady. Mission Crit was a fast, exhilarating race for both the competitors and spectators.

    Unfortunately I only made it to the final men’s race. Luckily our good friend Ezana Yohannes was there from the very beginning. He was kind enough to share his full gallery with us here on Lockedcog along with mine. Enjoy!

    Photos by Angel Perez


    Photos by Ezana Yohannes