• kris
    September 16th


    Essentially a bicycle parking garage with restricted access. From the site:

    With all those in mind who are fed up with having their bicycles stolen and vandalised, we have opened a parking space exclusively for bicycles: My Beautiful Parking.

    The parking space, “My Beautiful Parking”, is open 24 hrs a day, 365 days of the year, including leap years. This is how it works: each user is provided with a card that allows him/her to enter the premises to park or retrieve his/her bicycle when it suits him/her. This card contains the following information of the user: full name, number of national identity card, address and telephone number.

    A digital monitor installed in the door registers whenever a user enters or leaves the parking space, generating a data base over the use of each card. Should someone use the card to a foul end, this monitoring will allow quick identification of the culprit.

    The parking is very simple. The user places the bicycle in the freight lift, sends it down to the garage and then locks it up to the rails or hooks in a previously assigned slot. And that’en/s all folks!

    Pretty good idea…especially if your living in an area where bike theft is frequent.

    Heres a little “promo” for the store…actually i think its a promo from the guys at the store for the Power Strips straps. Camera is crisp for sure…

    Anywho, they’re also a bike shop and rental location carrying some decent parts it seems. As of now its looking like the on location in Barcelona, but its a good idea/setup that could take off. Check them here!