• kris
    February 5th

    Met up with Jason from Official today for a couple hours to chit chat about some stuff, talk bikes and just shoot the poop. I first met Jason when he came to see what was up with the trickcat last month. Definitely a stand up guy, runs a solid operation and puts out some damn creative products. If you havent noticed, Official is also the base for the “In the Cutts” series with Apollo. The episodes usually focus on the time Apollo rolls with people linked into skateboarding or track bikes…checking out spots, little interviews, some insight into companies…interesting pieces. Got to what goes into designing a hat and check out some stuff in the works…keep your eyes peeled on the Official site for some way cool stuff. Also be on the lookout for a couple things that may be popping up with us and them in the future!

    Jason sent me off with some nifty bits…thanks again dude!