• kris
    March 5th

    Denver, Colorado – Feb. 23, 2013


    Sandwiched between two of the years biggest snowstorms, the race gods snuck one day of blue skies and 50-degree weather into the capital of Colorado for the second annual Mile High Messenger Challenge.  The race was set to be one of the longest and most difficult messenger races that Denver has ever seen.  And at the end of the day it lived up to it’s expectations with only 4 participants completing the whole manifest out of the 40+ that came out.

    One of the unique features of this race were the awkwardly sized packages, from mini envelopes destined to fall out of your pocket to oversized boxes and large poster roll-ups.

    All deliveries were round trips as well, thereby doubling the length of the race.  Routing, not speed, would be the most critical aspect of having a successful race.

    The le mans start produced the first and only accident of the day as local Trey Young’s helmet connected with the pavement in an attempt to jump a parking lot cable barrier. (photo below)

    First to finish was Jon Keller, a local messenger known for his love of the sport and dirty white bib shorts.  He completed the manifest in just under 3 hours, travelling a total of 36.4 miles.  The next participant to finish with a completed manifest was nearly a half an hour behind him.  Once the race was concluded the Colorado skies opened up and dumped a foot of snow on the beaten warriors.


    Big-ups to local messenger legends, ‘Danger’ Rob Engelberth, Mike Abell and Jeremy Cox for putting the race on.  With more races like this one and a growing community hungry for competition, they just may get their wish to bring the North American Cycle Courier Championships to Denver in the coming years.