• Angel Perez
    May 15th

    For some time now, I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of causal cycling shorts. Luckily Squid Bikes came out with their latest modified D***ies shorts. Huge thanks to the pals over at Squid Bikes for hookin’ me up for testing their product.




    Glad to see Squid Bikes incorporate my ideal choice of shorts to ride in. So pleased with this ingenious idea. Over the past weekend, I decided to shred the flowy single track trails in Granite Bay. Covering 30 miles with it’s mild climbs, fast descending, sharp curves, and gorgeous views – these shorts felt amazing through the entire ride. For myself, I enjoy shreddin’ the dirt in shorts, plain shirt and stylin calcetines so these modified shorts couldn’t be any better. According to Squids‘ website, these shorts are featured with elastic pump pocket strap, velcro-enclosed rear pocket, and uni-sex antimicrobial synthetic chamois sewn in. They come in 11’ inseam length, various sizes, and slim fit flex fabric. What more can you ask for? With Summer creeping around the corner, I am going to find myself BARELY taking these off.




    That being said, I still felt like I didn’t get plenty of miles in to fully test them. So I grabbed my track bike the following day and put in another 30 miles. I can confidently say these are one of the most unique shorts around… and probably one of the last shorts you will ever need. Whatever preference in terrain, from grubbin at your local breweries to tearing up the dirt,  these modified D***ies shorts by Squid Bikes just might be for you.







    Enjoy these extras…