• kris
    October 10th

    This is hands down one of the most fun things ive ever owned. While at interbike i got to talking with the owner of the brand and i was way into these little guys. Not something to replace you’re everyday ride or your trick bike but a whole different animal. The Mixie is something i can see people getting on who are a bit intimidated by riding fixed or are looking for something different to jump on for hitting the store or a bar. The damn little guy is funnn. As soon as i got this thing home everyone was into it and wanting to roll around on it and not a single person as disappointed. Ha. I know ive had a few people over who arent so bike savvy and this is something they could definitely ride along with.

    The components are a nicely anodized (on some models and on mine anyhow) and the bike feels pretty well built. They come in two different styles…one with a longer rear end and triple triangle design and another more compact version. I went with the bigger one since im a giant so to the option is definitely nice. If you were to pick one up there are a slew of color options so getting something youre happy with shouldnt be too hard. The reasonable stock gear ratio and comfy fit make the Mixie easy to get on and get going too.

    Surprisingly im sure…tricking on these babies is definitely possible. It takes a bit of getting used to with the vastly different geometry but holy hell is it fun. Be on the lookout for a few trick edits with these from the people who showed interest at interbike. I dig this thing and it’d make a solid addition to any bike collection.