• Angel Perez
    June 28th


    My friends and I got together to catch the TrackX Summer Series in San Francisco, California. We drove down to Oakland, CA, parked and rode our bikes to Bart. As we arrived to Embarcadero Station, we were flooded by thousands of people for a celebration of Pride, but that didn’t stop us from riding through the crowd.



    Resistance Racing threw another rad event. Resistance Racing is a Bay Area based track bike racing organization and they have a whole lot of races lined up this summer to test your skill to the next level. They started off this summer right by hosting a race in John McLaren Park in San Francisco, CA. The course featured mostly dirt, narrow downhills, wicked berms and one soul breaking ascent that forced everyone to run uphill.



    Chas Christiansen took the lead, stayed there and took the W.



    Womens: 1st Dee | 2nd Meesh


    Mens: 1st Chas | 2nd Kazzle | 3rd Carlos | 4th Sean | 5th Adam



    Our guy Devin Armstrong can’t seem to hold his excitement when he’s around the single track trail. An hour before the race, this guy started shreddin’ the dirt HARD. You judge the photo. Devin started off the race right, moving up in the field passing second place until he caught a flat. Nick (Co-host) yelled, “Grab my bike and get your ass back in there!” Devin threw his bike, quickly grabbed Nick’s bike and started ripping down the trail to make up some ground. Devin ran out of luck and came back to the start with yet, another flat.


    Watch out Sacramento, TrackX Summer Series is coming is coming July 22nd!