• kris
    May 3rd

    Gotta say I’m stoked on this. The dudes at Mishka are consistently putting out good stuff and keeping it real with a good attitude. Love it. Peep the meat of the video description below as well…

    Gonna be a lotta tanks and tees, and some button-downs for good measure. Fitteds and cheap sunglasses. Shorts and laziness. Not shaving and just jumping in the ocean instead of bathing…it’s gonna be one hell of a smelly season. Some us are threatening to go for that “desert island castaway” look: every now and again they’ll just give themselves a gentleman’s shower with a bar of soap in a bar bathroom. Man, we’re gonna drink so much and do so many drugs that John Belushi’s ghost is going to appear and grant us three wishes. Oh yeah! Summertime, here we coooooooooome!

    A note: You may notice our “Nuke ‘Em” cap at the start of the video, on 12th Planet. The cap was designed over a year ago, and the lookbook and this video were shot before recent events in Japan. I know we’ve been known to push the boundaries of good taste, but we couldn’t in good conscious release it after the tragedies that have befallen Japan. In the past week we have worked with New Era to destroy the entire run.