• kris
    October 4th

    Of all the series I’ve started this is for sure my favorite and certainly one that will stick around. Alex is no stranger to the site and is one of my best dudes. You’ve probably seen him in a lot of the videos on the site as we usually ride together. If he’s not in a video then he probably helped film or edit it. For his 330 segment he pretty much did it all. I think I see some Anthony farts in here but Mr. Rodriguez chopped this one up with his own flavor. The format strays a bit but this is some sick stuff at Mather, his second home. The next three episodes are underway with the likes of Kenny Arimoto and a couple more heavy hitters on deck so come back for those but in the mean time check Gnarlos getting creative with this weirdy techy peggy stuff. Thats ma boy!