• kris
    February 25th

    When Jball hit me up asking about the 3:30 series there was no hesitation. Kid’s got style and tricks for days not to mention he won the last major pro comp at Epic last December. Having been looking to start a new batch I was stoked that he was down to start them off. He we out with Omar Sebai and some of the homies to get some clips that week to shoot over. By some I mean more than enough solid stuff that could just as easily have been used in a solo edit. Good shit in here for sure. We finally get to see that wall to bar clip that was in his interview a bit back and there’s plenty of tech stuff in the mix. JB…you kill my man. Thanks again for getting these to me dudes!




    Charles Albright – “I’m A Fine Young Man and I’m Doing So Well”


    HD version will be swapped out…was having sound and embed issues. JB kills it anyway so who really cares! Also, I scrapped the annoying alarm clock intro until I make something else…seemed people weren’t too into it…and I was over it haha.