• kris
    September 20th

    Sooo I’ve been super busy with Interbike the past couple days but I need to get up this new series. I’ve been holding on to a lot of footage for the new lockedcog series for a bit so I’m really stoked to get this out. Originally I was waiting to release this for the new site but we’re still a couple weeks out on that so here it is. Every other Thursday I’ll have fresh submissions for this from riders around the globe. First up is Phillip Williams with some solid stuff. This is all from before his new project started up but it is still super good. B9g ups to Kevin for the tunes and helping with editing on this. This first episode is longer than the future pieces which will be 30 seconds long at 3:30 every thusday. Just too much good stuff in this one to not keep it all. Stoked on this for sure!