• kris
    January 13th

    Yeah it should be “I” but that title rhymes. So did that last line. Ha. Anywho, I’m not into posting things entirely of myself (feels odd…is that weird?)…however i am into showing some love for my friends who put in work! My buddy Anthony has been looking to snag some fixed footage for a while hoping to add to his time behind the lens with skating and BMX. We’ve been cruising around town a bunch and he’s always got his camera on him ready to roll. Over the past few weeks he’s been snagging clips as i get comfy on my bike again…I feel bad for him having to wait on me to get tricks while listening to me swear and act like a child haha. Sorry dude! I let him do his thing and filming most of this was super fun. Seeing it again I kind of feel bad for the sweaty hand on Alex’s face. Nasty haha. Pretty stoked on how this bit came together and how much riding Ive been able to do lately. I will say the B Lynch song wasn’t my choice but it works a okay hahaha. Anthony’s super legit and always down to ride so be on the lookout for more from him as he’s been shooting everyone and everything in Sac…very likely theres a web video is in the works :). Thanks again dude!