• kris
    June 24th

    Had such an awesome time on the trip! Got to spend it with some cool dudes and ran through some awesome places. Big thanks to Eric, Elliot, AJ, Gus, Dave, Justin and Peru for the shenanigans and putting up with me :)…id do it all over again for sure. Big ups to Phil at Cultur for getting this whole thing together and making sure we made it across the country. Another big thanks to Noah and Eighthinch for the help in getting in on this! Grateful for the couches, floors, foam pads and garages offered up by Kareem, Sam, Drew, John and everyone else! The actual last few days of the trip arent covered as i left early but this is up until the night i left. I do have some photos ill post up here soon as well. Be on the lookout for some official video from Cultur soon!