• kris
    January 26th

    Pretty nifty look at the Ukrainian Lviv velodrome. Peep the Vimeo description below for a nice little back story. You can see the columns mentioned at about 0:19…i cant even imagine what its be like hitting one of those at full speed. Definitely bad design. Ha.

    “Lviv velodrome is the only indoor cycling track in Ukraine, and its banks are among the steepest (or coolest) in Europe. European Track Cycling Championships could be held here, but the velodrome is built with columns that hold the roof and they obscure part of the track for cyclists, so this jeopardizes their safety. For certain reasons these columns are wrapped with mattresses for padding in case of accident, just like ski lift consoles at the ski resorts, and you can see traces of dried blood of fixie riders smashed against the padding. (Lviv mattresses are so severe that kill the cyclists on the banks).”