• kris
    November 16th

    What is everyone thinking about this “style” of trick riding? Slammed seats, 26” (style) frames…

    Im not so much for or against it, though is does allow for a few things to come a bit easier…mostly tail whips. I dont really dig how “jerky” some of the tricks end up looking buts thats just my opinion. There was a nice barspin over the wedge in this but otherwise nothing toooooo crazy. However, it does point out that this trick thing a lot of us have ventured into is no different than all other things “bicycle”.

    Earlier tonight i was talking with Nem-Pro Brad about his fascination with running his 26” street bike down stairs. People have asked him what the hell the point is and to put it plainly…its fun. Its something he likes to do. Just like tricks on a fixed gear.

    People seem to be getting a little irked with some of the frames and riding styles popping up these days. Fixed drive 26er isnt really my thing…but this isn’t to say i dont think these guys can get down on a bike. Im sure some of you recognize a familiar face, Kozo, from the Complex trick comp. 360s over tables on setup like that is a bit different than what we’re used to seeing…but hell its tricks (and some pretty damn gnarly ones) on a bike. I do know id hate getting to work with a slammed seat…but thats irrelevant.