• kris
    August 31st

    As some of you may or may not know I recently escaped the chains of the office (working for the state for the past 5 years :() to find something else to do to pay the bills. A lot of my good friends here in Sac are couriers and with the pending job cuts due to the state budget I jumped at the opportunity to spend the days working with my buddys. Hell paying your bills riding your bike is pretty sick. As a result I’ve been missing a lot of content lately. However, I’ve got it pretty well sorted to when I can get on the internets to bring you some stuff. Should pick back up here this week. Though it looks like I missed this one from Matt up on Wolfdrawn a couple days ago. It’s been a pain in the ass finding time to blog until now…so with a friendly little Facebook reminder here’s a sick one with some stuff from Matt, Congo, Corey and Oscar. Some sick stuff in there!

    P.S…I don’t really lurk Youtube all that much haha.