• kris
    April 16th

    So I figured out what all these one minute edits I’ve been posting were for and all is right in the world again haha. The translation I got wasn’t exact but it looks like entries closed yesterday and there’s some prize money up for grabs from Noriadore. Here’s a few more that I spotted this morning and likely the last of these. There’s a few real decent ones in there so should be interesting to see who takes this. Figured out what was good on Ke-Ta’s spot.

    I think this one was my favorite today. Kids got a sick style and the editing is on point. Nothing huge as far as tricks but he’s got some footplants and few clean grind clips in here.



    Big feeb and a some bails around the :47 mark in this one. Dude’s got them grinds on lockkk.



    Dig some of the angles in this one and the spots are too sick. Some smooth style.



    Some night shred in this one. Always dig some camera lit shots.