• kris
    July 18th

    This flick from Ombres and Lumieres looks pretty damn epic. A rad 400+ mile trek from NYC to Montreal plus the videography on this is too good. Really solid shots like struggle in the torrential downpour  at 1:36. Definitely going to have to give this a watch or two once it drops.




    “4 Days. Over 400 Miles.
    11 people. Bike crews from NYC and Montréal. NYC: Chalet Magazine. MTL: The Starley Rover Society x Vélo iBike. Cyclists from Québec, France, England, Australia, Saskatchewan. Road bikes and Fixed Gear bikes, no brakes.
    Start: La Colombe (SoHo, NYC).
    Finish: Taverne Chez Normand (Plateau Mont-Royal, Montréal)”