• kris
    March 11th

    The long awaited Park Ragers cap and video have arrived! Last year my good friends John, Tristen and I packed up outr gear and loaded the panniers to head for the Yosemite Valley floor by bike. It was both my first time bikepacking and visiting Yos so I was too stoked on the trek with these dudes in support of Cardiel’s new hat from Official. Below is a nice piece from John on our adventure along with the final video documenting the trip. This was surely one for the books and I can’t wait to get back out there with the guys for round two!



    Words by John Cardiel



    “Going to Yosemite has always been a summer trip for my family and I. Since we were kids we would camp out, jump off the bridges, hike and bike all around the valley for days on end. It was always a family tradition for us to jump off every bridge there, even if it was shallow. I even remember my grandmother jumping off a bridge at one point!


    Riding my bike to Yosemite has been a dream of mine for a very long time and I knew that Kris Fay of Locked Cog and Tristan Moss of Blood Wizard skateboards were eager to get on the road and do some bike camping as well…








    I rang up the two of them, Jeff Landi, Richard Hughes and Sebastian Reetz to document the trip and put it on wax for Official headwear. We packed our bags and after a cool skate session at the Official mini ramp we were on our way. From there, we rode east through downtown, eventually connecting to Highway 16, towards Sloughhouse, then took Clay Road South. After hitting Jacktone Road, we then cut up east towards the Woodward reservoir, where we had planned to stay the night. After the 90 mile fairly flat road trek, with our bags fully loaded, we were exhausted to say the least. We started a fire, cooked up some dinner and headed into our tents, sleeping right next to the awesome Woodward reservoir. That next morning we made some coffee and saddled up for our second leg of the journey, which was a 70 mile, 5000 foot climb to the Yosemite Pines camp area. The day began with a gradual climb through the hills and valleys of Knights Ferry, then began to get a bit more uphill as we passed through the bridges of Chinese Camp and finally getting to the ever dreaded Priest Grade at Moccasin. We knew it was going to be brutal and trust me it was every bit of that. A grueling 1600 foot climb of 2 1/2 miles, at 12.9% grade. It kicked our ass! Continuing the haul on to Yosemite Pines resort, we crashed after setting up our tents and enjoying a fire, nurturing our completely fried legs. Upon sunrise we gathered our wasted bodies together and embarked on our final journey of 50 Miles to the Yosemite Valley. The day began with yet another grueling stretch of uphill savagery leading in to a glorious downhill bomb from Big Oak Flat, in the rain, to the valley floor. It felt like a roller coaster ride into Jurassic Park! The view of the intense mountains, trees and valleys was truly an overwhelming experience!! We then continued to grab a six pack of beers, enjoy the fruits of our labor, wet as dogs, and officially rage in the Yosemite Valley Park. Thanks for enjoying our trip with us, it is something we will never forget!! Bicycle camping with your friends is nothing but awesome – and don’t forget to always keep it official when raging in the park!!”