• kris
    May 31st

    Well…this is interesting. Ha. It actually looks like it might be entertaining but completely weird as well. I posted the plot below in case you couldnt figure out what was going on in the trailer…which is very likely haha. Theres a Kickstarter fund for this so if you’re looking to support some independent film making jump on it!

    Fletch Finn (our beloved hero) has been dumped, used and abused all in one night, only to find out the love of his life (his bike), has been stolen. The thief, however, is not any petty thief, but a mysterious homeless man with a pink unicorn head. Yes. That is correct. In a world dominated by twitter, trending, what kind of latte you like, and what’s hot and what’s not, Fletch will face a vast array of vicious creatures, threshold after threshold, in order to get his precious bike back. Let’s all help Fletch get his bike back!