• kris
    November 14th

    Made it out to SF last night to check the Bicycle Film Festival…this was the first time i got to see the Bike Shorts at any of the events so i was pretty stoked. For the Sac and NY events i attended all the events but missed out on the films. Kind of counter productive eh? Anywho, the night was pretty damn fun and filled with some interesting moments. Jerome, Corbin and I rolled out there in the afternoon and met up with a bunch of people who had been there for the entire event. Customary tall cans were drank, bikes were ridden, movies were watched, parties were attended and blood was shed. Ha.

    Here are a few of my favorites that were there though i was stoked on all the shorts. Day Labor and the Grime boys pieces were really entertaining with some comedy mixed in there…real funny actually. Some cute photos at the bottom from the trick jam, the city and friends who were at the show. Ha. Camera was acting up and i was left without a flash so i didnt get too much. There are a couple “interesting” videos i may post later.

    Macramento: It was awesome to finally get to see the Maca look of Sacramento on the big screen. John and everyone killing it on the trials and showcasing what sac has to offer. Really stoked to have been a part of this fun little video.

    Lucas Brunelle Line of Sight: This was probably my favorite film of the shorts…even at 30 minutes. If you’ve been privy to internet bike videos over the past few years I’m sure you’ve watched one of his flicks. The close calls and crashes mixed with the interview footage from Lucas made this super interesting to watch. I strongly suggest seeing this if you get the chance.

    Erik Elstran’s Dragon Shredit: This was such a dope and creative look at BMX. When this first started there seemed to be a few people who weren’t too stoked on it…and hadnt seen the trailer below…but once it got moving everybody was cheering. Id say this was the epitome of what fun on a bike looks like.

    The SF Poster.

    Marquee with plenty of “bike culture” as Jerome would say.

    Brendt, Colby and Corbin

    Frands :).

    Jerome excited for his first bike taxi…the rider (driver?) was super cool. Haha.

    Boothby getting up at the trick jam…he 180’d this thing. Santos, Jenson and Boothby were all repping fixed freestyle pretty damn good with some solid hits on the quarter, high hops and grind combos.