• kris
    April 8th

    To say that I listen to music by either of these guys “steadily” is probably an understatement haha. Id be willing bet that i listen to some amount of Circa Survive, Sound of Animals Fighting, Good Old War or Anthony‘s solo stuff on the daily…its kind of embarrassing. To try to keep this from becoming a novel length post about music (which would be easy to do) ill try keeping it short and simple with some info and my favorite bits.

    Good Old War were going to be the main focus for this piece. However, when I got to thinking about them I was reminded of how i found out about them…via a post by Anthony Green. After reading his post, on myspace or something like that haha, i came across this video for Coney Island off GOW’s first album The only Way to be Alone. Game over…i was hooked.

    Off that album my favorite song is probably “Weak Man” with Anthony Green and Dave Davidson from Maps and Atlases. Gotta love when some of your favorite artists come together to make good shit.

    Good Old War’s self titled album that came out last year was stellar still though with a slighty different sound Their previous album was definitely my favorite. Off the self titled this acoustic version of “My Own Sinking Ship” is awesome.

    Having heard of Good Old War by listening to Anthony Green its only fitting that he have a solid cover of one of their songs.

    However I first got into his stuff in Circa Survive. Solid stuff for yearsss that im sure many of you have heard…love it or hate it. Haha. This is off their first album Juturna and is one of the best.

    From the second album “On Letting Go” this is one of my favs.

    Circa’s most recent album “Blue Sky Noise” came out last year and its pretty killer. Its a bit different but it rules. “Get Out” and “I Felt Free” were solid tracks.

    Ive also been really into the “supergroup” Sound of Animals Fighting…which Anthony got started. Its a bit different but I dig it for sure. Their first album was my favorite one no doubt.

    Honestly though, of all the stuff Anthony has done Im really partial to his solo stuff. Its just that good and Im stoked for his new album to come out. These are both sick songs.

    Saosin sucks now so nothing from them haha.