• kris
    January 3rd

    Ive long been a fan of the Chicago based Maps & Atlases for their blend of math/pop/indie business. Their 2006 “Trees, Swallows, Houses” had me hooked and i’ve been a fan of their upbeat tunes ever since. If you’re into Tera Melos there’s a real good chance you’ll dig these dudes too (and likely already have heard of them). As their albums have progressed their sound has gotten a little cleaner and a little less “mathy” but its all still there and perfect for rolling around to.

    (Note: Watch ’em all…you probably won’t be disappointed :))

    Id have to say my favorite song (if i must) off “Trees” has to be The Ongoing Horrible for which this video was done a bit back…i seriously get chills watching it sometimes haha. Love the guitar work.

    Ted Zancha (below) off their second album is solid though i think Artichokes is probably my favorite off that bit…which can be seen here.

    Their newest album “Perch Patchwork” is a bit more folky than their previous two pieces but doesn’t abandon their roots what so ever. Its there in a bunch of tracks, they’ve more expanded than anything, with Dave Davison sounding good as ever on the mic. Check the Charm below with the Willie Brown Bears. Its pretty phenomenal.

    This short made using “Pigeon” off the same album is rather good as well. Ha.

    Ill end with this because i could go on all day posting videos of these guys…this is one of the more official videos up from their newest album for “Solid Ground.”