• kris
    August 2nd

    Heres the first of the Cultur trip videos in what will be an eight part web series. For me this was one of the best two of my life…no joke. A seriously unique experience for me thus far and a damn good time with all the guys. Let the videos speak for themselves…but im thinking the crispy turtle took this one. Ill repost these up every week but head over to watchcultur.com for the official website of the roadtrip. Big thanks to Phil and Eighthinch for helping make this go down!

    The video description:

    “Here is the beginning voyage of what turned out to be an amazing life experience for everyone involved. This first installment of the 8 part web series is the groups journey from their first day together in Texas to their rest stop in Louisiana. Plenty of antics and riding along the way. Check back in a week for Part 2!”