• kris
    September 27th

    Going on two months and Chis is still cranking these edits out…good stuff!

    For those not in the know:

    “My name is Chris Layda, and this is my weekly video series called ‘Turning Tricks.’ Every week I try to learn at least one new trick, combination, or line. This series is meant to document my progress as a freestyle fixed gear rider.

    This video marks 2 months of Turning Tricks. Not only is there new week 8 footage, but there is also a look back to some of the tricks learned this month as well as some unseen clips from various locations. Tricks from the month include: ledge and stair gaps, bunny hop to wheelie, bunny hop bar spins (bhbs), wheelie to nose pivot, rollout (keo) variations, 3 and 540 cabs, big spins (prolly spins), 3 taps, and possibly more… Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for next week.”

    Follow his progress!