• kris
    April 27th

    This ad from Unknown is worth posting simply for all the explanations given for having girls in it hahaha.

    “1. unknown bike and korean chicks
    to me both are nice things from Korea
    2. the models are also unknown models
    ( not famous not professional model
    the first AD lady was a office lady and second Ad lady is school teacher )
    3. honeslty not many pretty girl in fixed gear scene
    so it can make your feel better
    4. noise marketing, either you like or hate
    you will talk about this
    5. not much people want to see
    if it come out like documentry
    6. i dont know what Europian and American
    think of this but people loved this AD in Asia
    (especially Japan haha )
    7. all of unknown bike riders and who works for this company can ask to girl for a drink with this issue
    (especially when we found hot chicks )”