• kris
    September 21st

    Im really feeling the mood behind this kids video project…from his vimeo description:

    a short track bike film. (Rj)

    anybody living near the Los Angeles area and would like to be a part of the film.
    contact me via myspace:
    suggestions and help is welcome.

    i need people with skill, don’t bother asking if you suck.
    also i’m trying to revolve the film around bike Riding.
    dont bother to ask if you’re doing bmx tricks on a track bike.

    please and thank you.

    xoxo Rj.

    and the video:

    Now im totally down with people being creative, supportive and excited about riding bikes. I dont understand how some random guy from LA can come across so damn pretentious. “If you’re not doing 180 skids or or riding down the street dont talk to me! Skidsies for life!”…because everything else even remotely resembling something done on a BMX bike is just stupid…and not considered riding your bike. Right. Dont get me wrong, i love that people are out riding bikes, having fun and making videos! I dont love shitty attitudes.