• kris
    November 26th

    If you follow FGFS these days you’ll know who Phillip Arellano is. He’s been traveling like a mad man and getting some really stellar photos of some of the top freestyle riders (many of which have been reposted here). I’ve been talking with Phil for a bit about getting him setup to post his flicks on here noticing he had no current home base for sharing his shots. On top of honing is skills behind the lens he not only reps a few companies but is an all around rad dude. *remembers borrowing a camera from Phil at Interbike a couple years back*

    Anywho,  I’d like to welcome him to the site and am stoked to have him. Be on the lookout for some primo photo posts from this dude and peep an edit and some past flicks of his below!






    Matt Spencer tire slide in Long Beach.





    Johnathan Davis laying it flat for a table.